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We at trick or Treat Studios have been wanting to do a Werewolf Halloween Mask since the start of the company, but we wanted to do something very unique to Trick or Treat Studios style. So we asked Eric Pigors to come up with something that the amazingly talented Pete Infelise could sculpt to fill the void, and Pete delivered the most amazing Werewolf Halloween Mask ever created, the Toxictoons Werewolf.

What is a Toxictoon you ask? To quote Eric, "It's a cartoon character described as a nutty, scabbed, chicken-poxed, lily-livered, stitched-up, bone-poppin' goofball with some sort of diabolical, disturbing dilemma in store!

The Toxictoons Werewolf Halloween Mask is a 3/4 mask with a back strap covered in wolf hair, making it comfortable to wear all night long.

So wait for the next full moon, grab your Werewolf Toxictoons mask, and give the town a big howl.

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