Our Story: Founded by natural health specialists with years of scientific and real-life experience, CBx Natural is grounded in sustainable wellness backed by science. We take a naturopathic approach choosing to empower balance in the body through a combination of hundreds of years of plant-based medicine and the latest scientific research & design.

Modern science of hemp has only scratched the surface of this incredibly potent plant. The hemp plant is extremely genetically diverse with the potential promise of providing symptom relief to common health issues such as headaches, eczema, arthritis issues, chronic pain, etc. Today's market offers many solutions, but CBx Natural is the one brand to provide clinically effective, clean formulas with pleasant sensory experiences for sustainable results. We’ve made the naturopathic properties of the hemp plant substantially more bioavailable by scientifically formulating specific remedy blends of cannabinoids and terpenes infused with key essential oils.

After years of investing in our own research in natural plant-based remedies, we are excited to provide industry leading pleasant plant-based bio-active product experiences that you can trust, and your customers will love.

CBx Natural. Better Sustainable Relief. Christine’s Story In 2005, after losing my son, Ben, to cancer, I started looking for more sustainable personal care and wellness products for my family. I was shocked! Many ingredients in my most trusted brands were toxic, some carcinogenic or addictive. Believing we can and should do better for ourselves, our families and the planet, I co-founded C2 California Clean in 2016 to deliver incredibly effective, clean wellness products that perform, without comprising our health or our planet. However, my journey did not end there. As I also wanted to create sustainable relief and wellness options for my family and friends. This led me to researching CBD, meeting Katelynn Nguyen (CBx Natural co-founder) and discovering the positive impacts it had in our lives and the lives of so many others. So, in 2019 we launched CBx Natural to deliver powerfully effective, clean plant-based relief and wellness solutions fortified with hemp specific extracts such as CBD for people who are ready to welcome a new way to feel better. Katelynn’s Story My story began in 2004 when I went through a painful surgery that required post op pain management. I discovered then that I was severely allergic to traditional pain medication offered for pain relief, such as codeine, Vicodin, opioids, and even Allegra. Without much of a choice, I toughed through the pain, but after two separate accidents that caused a herniated disc in my neck and hip, I desperately searched for pain relief, which led me down a path of alternative wellness options. I tried everything under the sun (i.e. massage therapy, physical therapy, essential oils, nutrition, yoga), with varied success. By this time I learned the value of holistic healing, but it wasn’t until my niece was born in 2015 that I became committed to the cause. My niece was born with severe atopic dermatitis, so severe she was repeatedly hospitalized and lived in gauze for almost a year. I researched incessantly for alternative solutions for inflammation, which ultimately led me to learning the various benefits of CBD, to meeting cofounder Christine, to eventually working with scientists to develop high quality CBD products that even the most sensitive bodies can tolerate.